Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's Play Our Role!

Recently, I have been enjoying my morning devotional time since I started it with a commitment. What I always do is wake up around 6-7 am in the morning and have an intercession prayer plus bible reading. In addition, I read "Purpose driven life" by Rick Warren to make my devotional time 'more devoted'.

I know many of you guys had read the book few years ago and I had had it since 2007 or something? I just had no idea why should I read that book so I didn't read. But a week ago, I was thinking about that book as I saw it was in my bookshelf. Interesting, so I decided to read it.

A week goes by and I realized that the book is written in simple words easily understood by everyone. And how Warren elaborated his idea is creative yet meaningful. I have been convicted that the we are here for a purpose. God created us for a purpose and destiny. It is our task to find it out because mine and yours would be very different. But above all, our destiny and purpose should glorify our makers, its not merely for own personal sake.

Talking about purpose, I'd like to define it as 'what are our roles in this world and how we act according to it.'

I remember 2 years ago, I was in Singapore attending FCBC-GCYC (Faith Community Baptist Church - Gateway City Youth Convention) where youth from 12 countries gathered together to have this convention. There we worship, learned, and shared together. The main purpose is how we will be the light to our nation, to be a solution.

During the convention, I remember one of the speaker said this in his speech
"A nation needs you to be the light for the problems it has right now. And there are five most influencing professions that determine the nation. They are Priest, Businessmen, Politician, Education Practitioner, and Entertainer"

I was strongly convicted. I never realized it before how those professions took part in changing a nation destiny.
Now I'd like to describe those

1. Priest
Priest here is mentioned as pastor, evangelist, missionary, and whoever work in religion area. In Indonesia, we can see that how Priest affect Indonesian directly and indirectly. Let say, MUI, without its permission giving "Halal" mark on a food, that's food is almost impossible to be a mass consumption.
Priest have been an answer to a nation, especially for drug users, hopeless (HIV infected person, deathly disease victims, catastrophic victims), orphanage, and many more. Usually these kind of people are being taken care of churches or mosque or religious organization.
Beside, their contribution has big impact toward individual or social cultures and norms. That's why we should appreciate those who involved in this area and encourage anyone who wants to involve in. Being a priest is a noble profession, regardless the income they would gain. Look at Mother Theresa, how her compassion touches Calcutta, India, and all over the world.

2. Businessmen (or in a market place)
Businessmen controls economic and monetary system of a nation. Their presences determines how a country will grow, how much investment will arise, how many unemployment will be hired. In one word, we can say that businessmen controls nation welfare, because they make money circulate and work in a nation.
Why do we need a believer to be a businessmen or being in a marketplace?
many people relating businessmen as a cheater or dirty job, but in other hand many people for them to find a job or a hand to lend them money. If businessmen are God's fearing people, imagine how many people would they influence? Let say a boss of a company who employs 4 employees? If he were a God fearing person and lead his company according to the Biblical values and norms, I believe this company would be an ethical company who consider to the wellness of its stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers, consumers, society, government, and environment). At the other side, he would be able to show the love of Christ to his employee and by doing so there's a big chance for the employee (and other parties) to be SAVED. Isn't that amazing?
At the market place, we also need God's fearing professional who works ethically and avoids corruption. Believe it or not, latest global crisis happened because the professional involved in property and financial institution acted unethically. Little actions they did, without they realized it, brought world in big trouble.

3. Politician and Government Officers
I believe everyone knows that politicians play important role in a nation, especially when it deals with public interest. A wicked politician would kill a nation. Let say Hitler, he led Germany in world war 2 and put Jewish in a genocide where almost 6 millions jewish died at that time (imagine half Jakartans died being killed by one person and one of them is your love one). Also Pol Pot in Cambodia, how he killed many innocent cambodians. Nowadays. it might not happen anymore, where people are getting well educated. The 'war' could happen when a political party wanted to imposed ungodly paradigm (Pemberontakan G30SPKI), or they declared a law that prohibit us to worship God freely (like what was happened in Uni Soviet, and also Daniel's time).
That's why we need politician to sit sounding the voice of truth to protect, especially, us as believer and for this country sake. Because without God, our country would be perish.
For example, United States was head to head with Uni Soviet. They both were super power countries, but Uni Soviet was collapsed. United States believed in God, while Uni Soviet was a communism country.

I bet many of you are surprised to know how entertainer influenced a nation. Me either. But it is sooo true. Who didn't know Elvis Presley? Michael Jackson? Madonna? Agnes Monica? Tora Sudiro? Siti Nurhaliza? Miyabi? most of you guys know them, eh?
Everybody admires other in his heart. Like me, I do like Agnes Monica, so she becomes my inspiration. I update her news, I listen to her music, and many more I do about her.
Have you ever heard how many of MJ fans commited suicide to accompany their idol in 'another world'. Or how people dress up like Avril Lavigne, Elvis, or Mulan Jameela?
We can conclude that entertainer has big impact toward a nation, especially for young people.
A nation really really needs a God fearing entertainer to lead it to a right path of life. In Indonesia I do appreciate Ari Wibowo, a former action actor who repented and now serve The Lord and people with his popularity (in a good way tho), also Nafa Urbach, Ruth Sahanaya, Nikita, and others. They have been a very good role model to many people. To bring people to God, show people good example by not taking any drugs, living in free-sex life, and not being arrogant. How many of their fans live would be saved thru the popularity they have? A lot..

5. Education Practitioner
This part is played by teacher, lecturer, professor, and anyone who takes part in education institutional. School is a place where many people from toddler until adult study and learn. They learn many things from reading, writing, singing, and how to behave toward themselves and others. Many school operate inline with biblical norms and values. It encourages students to pray before and after the class, to forgive, to worship God, and to behave according to God's law. A believer teacher will lead student to understand that God does exist beyond all this knowledge. Especially when they deal with Darwins revolutions law, how our solar system started, and many scientific issues which lead students to questioning does God exist or not.
Even Einstein believed in God..

Those 5 professions have big impact toward a nation. Which one are you? Are you called to be a priest? businessmen? politician? education practitioner? or entertainer?
Whatever it is, play your role as good as you can do, as for God not for a man. Putting God first as our priority above our self-interest:money, pride, position, will glorify God in our life and would bring bigger impact toward our society.
We could have won many achievements, medals, and trophies, but we are still no one until we win soul(s) for Christ.

I have been talking and talking, now I want to hear from you, guys!!!

thanks for reading :)
Indonesian and Vietnamese delegations posed together during the convention.

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