Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 2: Pressure

Hey, I am back! this is Day 2 of the whole 40 days project of me being regularly writing on my blog.

I honestly at the beginning had no idea what to write. I meant to write something interesting. Until at late evening on my way back home I realized something very interesting.

At my spare time I work as tutor, privately, to 3 primary-schooled students. They study in an international school in Southern Jakarta and I can tell that they come from quite a rich family. Their name are Randall (grade 6), Shem (grade 5), and Laurdi (grade 3).

Each kids has different and unique attitude. But today I wanna focus on Randall.

My specialties are Math and Science but for them I teach math all the time especially helping them doing their homework.
Randall is a very talkative person. So even when we are working on the paper he would talk talk and talk. He always has something to tell and he is a very good story-teller.

The funny thing is he can attract my attention with his story.

Usually, someone who good at talking is not really good at Math. So is Randall. He has problem in math (I admitt that). He couldn't understand applied mathematic. That pisses me off. He has the homework and for these past 2 weeks we have been doing the same topic but he seems like didn't learrn anything.

Today, we were doing the papers, his homeworks. Again, he didn't understand the point of the question. He actually didn't pay attention. So.. I was pretty upset.
I spoke to him with higher intonate and I could feel that he was nervous. I took his paper and in high intense I asked him one by one.

This thing was revealed. When I asked him in higher intonation, under pressure, and at upset emotion he could answer all the question precisely!

Everytime I ask him slowly, nicely, and in low pace pressure Randall doesn't answer at all. His comment only "I don't know" and his eyes rolling over the studying room but not to his paper.

See? Some kids work out when they're under pressure.

Nice invention!

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  1. Nice scary invention... Wish every teacher in this universe not doing the same... If yes, I won't be at school for a long time.. Khukhukhukhu