Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 3: Jobs

Today, I went to the Japanese Embassy to drop my visa application. I came quite early that I arrived at 9 something and got my self done at 9.43 AM. Instead of going home straight I decided to go to Grand Indonesia, the shopping mall.

After took lunch in the mall I went to Gramedia, a book store and read TIMES magazine. The magazine talks alot about Steve Jobs. Actually it wasn't a good feeling. Deep inside my heart I still feel lost of his departure.

Steve Jobs, has inspired many people in the world that
~ Graduated from college doesn't guarantee someone to be a succesful person. Drop out students might be more succesfull.
~ Perfectionist seems to be a bad idea, but if Jobs weren't one maybe he never made masterpiece.
~ He told his girlfriend when he's about teenager or early 20s that he is going to be a millionaire one day.
~ The most important thing is engaging with cancer (and any desease) is not an obstacle to move on and being productive in life.

Well, I bet many of you had read many things about him. However these 4 things are the most remarkable things for me from him.

Rest in peace, Jobs.. thanks for inventing that makes life has become more colorful.

we miss you.

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